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Chapter 11Conduct Invalidating AssentTRUEFALSE1Marjorie has been cared for by her family physician for 35 years She decides to assume the mortgage on his new clinic The contract is automatically invalid because of undue influenceANSF2At the marriage of her daughter Lorna is given papers to sign which the catering company says are the invoices for the food service and decorations Underneath the invoices are a carbon and a contract of sale for a portion of the failing catering business Lorna signs the papers her signature is transferred to the sales contract This is a void contract because it was entered by fraud in the executionANST3Pat told her friends that her car got 35 miles to the gallon in the city when in reality it only got 20 miles per gallon When Pat decides to sell and one these friends decides to buy the car Pat is under no duty to tell the correct figure unless askedANSF4If an agreement is not voluntary and knowing it will be either void or voidableANST5Physical compulsion and improper threats are the two basic types of duressANST6The difference between fraud and misrepresentation is that fraud involves malice while nonfraudulent misrepresentation is always innocentANSF7Rescission is usually permitted where the parties to a contract are both mistaken about a material factANST8Generally whether or not the parties deal at arms length does not affect whether silence alone amounts to fraudANSF9Economic duress renders a contract voidableANST10Undue influence is the taking of unfair advantage of a person by reason of a dominant position based upon a confidential relationshipANST11Fraud in the inducement will render an agreement voidANSF12For a misrepresentation to be actionable as fraud in the inducement it must be a misrepresentation of opinionANSF13Matt sells bikes at a local discount store To encourage Bob to buy a more expensive model than he originally contemplated Matt tells Bob This is the most awesome bike money can buy at
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