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CHEM 1002
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Chapter201 Choose the CORRECT statement from the choices involving detecting pollutants in water A BOD measures water pollution directly by measuring the amount of oxygen which isconsumed by hazardous bacteria contaminating the water sample B A gas chromatographmass spectrometer GCMS is commonly used to measure the amounts of dissolved metals like vanadium V and chromium Cr in water samples C If a water sample has a very high BOD level then it is contaminated with biodegradable organic chemicals D An atomic absorbtion spectrometer AA can be used to determine the quantity of organic chemicals in a water sample E BOD directly measures the amount of biodegradable organic compounds dissolved in a water sample2Choose the CORRECT statement from the choices below regarding purifying water contaminated with various pollutants A Bacteria are most effectively removed from home drinking water using reverse osmosis B Too high a concentration of nitrogen compounds like ammonia NH3are most effectively removed from water samples using deammonifying bacteria C Dissolved organic compounds are most effectively removed from home drinking water using reverse osmosis D Brackish water or sea water is most effectively purified to produce drinking water using reverse osmosis E Water contaminated with volatile organic chemicals like methyl tbutyl ether is most effectively purified to produce drinkable water using denitrifying bacteria3Which of the following statements involving waterrelated environmental issues is CORRECTA Brackish water has some raw sewage in it B An aquifer is a aboveground area which holds water C Water pollution has occurred whenever water contains any chemical other than H2O D Rainwater becomes groundwater by mixing with water in rivers and lakes E Landfilling wastes has a greater tendency to impact water quality than incinerationwhereas incineration tends to impact air quality more than landfilling does
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