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Test 2 (Got A+ on the test)

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Audience TheoryRelationshipsoFactors1 Number of peopleDyad 2 peopleGroups 3 or more2 Purpose TaskSocial3 DurationLong termShort term4 DepthCasualIn betweenIntimacy oExpectations what do we expect to get out of this relationshipPrototypes for relationships Label friendCriteria of characteristic that the relationship must haveoEx Trust Behaviors things that make the relationship possible oRelational Definitions how you define itRelation culture when you go back to who you were in a past atmosphere Ex How you were in high schoolRelation contracts rules evolve rules that are negotiated in a relationshipoEx Knock before walk into bathroom oSocial exchange theoryRewards costbenefitsRewards what you get out of the relationshipCost time moneyoBoth equal the benefits you will stay in a relationship as long as you get something out of it OthersGroupsSocial normsOthers recipients of our messages we adapt to the other to get them to accept what we sayoWe do this by following Social groups share a set of values as to the way to act and what is acceptedSocial norms are the rules that develop in that group oSocializationwe do this through the process of socialization2 types of socialization primary and secondary Primary where we get our culture language Get this through family ethnicity Secondary teaches us how to be a member of group after childhood oSituational Constraints within every situation there are situational constraints Physical constraint the environment oConflict struggle when 2 people cannot agree TypesPseudo means false a false conflict When you are not in a conflict you just think you are Simple when you just dont agree just disagreeEgo can damage a relationship oEx One person want to see one movie will the other person wants to go see another oneApproachesNonassertive Aggressive when you dominate others or the rights of other just to get your own way AssertiveWhen you stand up for your own right without damaging other This is the ideal although may no be the best in certain situations Causes Goals incompatible goals How do you best allocate scarce resources oEx Money resourcesDecisions that need to madeoEx How to decorate should take job in another stateIndividual difference different beliefs attitude interestRivalry competition for jobRelational differences Inappropriate behavior DESC a scrip to handle conflictDescribe Express how it makes you feelSpecifyConsequences
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