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Communication Studies
CMST 1150

EXAM 1 REVIEWOverview of Communication Studies disciplineRhetoricCMST 1150Intro To Communication Studies K Filbel instrThe exam will include approximately 50 questions multiple choice and truefalseYou will need a large scantron form to record your answersWhat follows is a checklist of basic areas we have covered so farBut you will need to further study your notes and readings to expand on each points possible subpoints or detailsThe Research Process Filbel lectureWhat is truth from a research perspectiveKnow the 3 basic stages to inquiry processthat their order isnt necessarily linearKnow the 3 basic types of questions putative claims3 kinds of values1Ask QuestionsoQs of definition what something is r what we shall call it A label labeling of thingsCreating a mental territoryBased on factGo together with Qs of factoQs of fact all pens tend to be round chalk is all made of the same thing What does it consist of How is it different from that Definition and facts go together Concern properties that things haveThings can be ideas do not have to be solidWhat appears at first glance to be one thing may not be that thingWe deal with liberty as an abstractionNot just facts about objects and conceptsDo not have to be completely objectiveSome claims pretend to be factsA fact is a claim that is verified by othersThere are factual claims independently verified and putative claims prevents from verificationoQs of value Pro aesthetic is it beautifulArtistic response projection of identityPragmatic does it save time Is it easy to buy Ex Prioritizing bridges that need to be repairedPractical resources time material and practiceEthical is it proper Is it ethical What should you do or not do Ex Picking up money foundEthics should or should not golden rule2ObservationoCan figure out a lot about a person just by them walking by youoWhen you talk to someone on the phone you gauge their voice and how excited they are to talk to youoScholars putting themselves in that position examining record personal involvement
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