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Louisiana State University
Communication Studies
CMST 2010

Exam 1 Study GuideLecture 1 2 Defining Communication and Interpersonal RelationshipsCharacteristics of Human Communicationhuman creative collectiveHumanlearned process 2 people make a relationship and 3 is a group interpersonal relationshipsusually between 2 peopleCreativecreative language descriptive meaningCollectiveactivity we dont communicate by ourselves but in a historyculture collective thingsocietyRegulatoryhas to happen all the time controls the environment around usLaswells Modelquestions it asks and how it viewed communicationQuestionsoWho CommunicatoroSays what MessageoIn which channel Medium oTo whom Receiver oWith what effect Effect The Laswell Model looked at communication as one sequel of events from the transmitter to the receiver He viewed communication as oneway process beginning with the transmitter and ending with the message recipient without a feedback mechanism He narrowed his focus on the communicator the kind of message to pass across the channel to be used the intended audience and the effect of the message on the recipientLinear Modelwhat did ShannonWeaver addThe Linear Model of Communication is a characterization of communication as a oneway process that transmits a message from a sender to a receiver Shannon and Weaver addedInteractional Modelwhat it added and how it viewed communicationWilbur Schramm added feedbackCommunication is ongoing rather than linearoIndividuals may be both sender and receiver but not both simultaneously Transactional Modelknow the key features of the model Giving and receiving messages is simultaneous and mutualoPeople build shared meaning in a transactional encounteroFeature recognition that messages build upon each other oFeature both verbal and nonverbal behaviors are part of the transactional process oFeature requires an ongoing negotiation of meaningoFeature field of experiencea persons culture past experiences personal history and heredity and how these elements influence the communication process overlapping of experience oHuman communication is always tied to what came before and always anticipates what may come laterDefinition of theoryUsed to predict and understand what we are going to do nextIIt IYouIThou communicationIIt CommunicationoImpersonal communication ordering food from someone like fast food vending machineI You CommunicationoWhere we are sharing things about ourselves classmates coworkers etc MAJORITY OF COMMUNICATIONIThou CommunicationoDeep dark secrets most personal RAREST FORM Characteristics of interpersonal relationships awareness analyzeevaluate develop relationshipsInterpersonal communication selective systematic unique ongoing process of transaction between two people who reflect and build personal knowledge of one another and shared meaningCharacteristicsoAwareness in order for any relationship to begin both people must be aware of each otheroBuilt through coordinated interaction if we are going to build personal meaning both have to be on the same page and both be mutualoAnalyzingEvaluate to figure out if we are in a relationship of notoBuilt maintained changed ended without communication relationships are not possibleoMemory organization packets MOPs what type of person we believe we are supposed to be or act like
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