Exam 4 (Final) Class Notes (got 96%)

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Louisiana State University
Communication Studies
CMST 2010

Exam 4 FinalMonday April 11 20111041 AM Conflict is the interaction of interdependent people who perceive incompatibility preventing the oAchievement of goalsoSharing of resources oroAdvancing of personal objectiveoInteractionCan have verbal and nonverbal sidesoInterdependentSomeone who you have a vested relationship withEx family friend boyfriend roommateIt can play out in a group settingEx US government they make decisions as a groupoPerceiveYou may think someone is ignoring you but they have just never received your messageoIncompatibilityThe heart of conflictCan experience at any point of time with someoneoConflict has to be recognizedoWinLose 1000someone has to win and someone has to loseIt is commonWhoever is winning is winning at the expense of the other personLOW commitment to other personoLoseLoseAvoid conflictNon issueoWinWin 6040Works when both people are committedPrinciples of conflictoPrinciple 1Conflict is natural in relationshipsoPrinciple 2Conflict may be overt or covertoPrinciple 3Social groups share the meaning of conflict behaviorsSocial learning behaviorwe learn from our behaviorCulture can be an influencedoPrinciple 4Conflict can be managed well or poorlyoPrinciple 5Conflict can be good for individuals and relationshipsIt can strengthen a relationshipTypes of conflictoImageselfpresentation selfdefinitionOur parents see us differently than we see ourselvesThis can cause conflictoContentsomething of substance here a specific issueAn issue we have incompatible conflict withTwo issues
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