Chp 4 Outline: Communicating Verbally (got 96%)

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Communication Studies
CMST 2010
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Chp 4Communicating VerballyUnderstanding Verbal SymbolsLanguagesystem consisting of verbal symbols and grammar that enables us to engage in meaning making with othersVerbal Symbolswords or the vocabulary that make up a languageGrammarrefers to a set of rules dictating how words can be combined to make a meaningful messageoEncodingputting our thoughts into meaningful languageoDecodingdeveloping thought based on hearing languageAttributes of Verbal SymbolsWords are SymbolicoSymbolsarbitrary mutually agreed upon labels or representations for feelings concepts objects or events Ex The word cat is a symbol that has been agreed upon to refer to the actual furry animaloTriangle of MeaningthingwordthoughtLanguage EvolvesoWords become out of date and dont get used Sometimes changed due to social eventsNegroAfricanAmericanWords are PowerfuloWords are powerful because of the feelings associated with themMeanings for Verbal Symbols May be Denotative or Connotative
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