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Chapter 8 Difference between LeaderManagerManager continue the status quo as efficiently as possible not a negative thing if the status quo is efficient and profitable focus is on the here and now or what istellingLeaderlooking for the next development or opportunity for growth and change that might lead to increased organizational growth profitability and market share look toward tomorrow to create the new status quo focus is on tomorrow and what can be sellingLeadership stylesTrait people either possess the attributes of a leader or they do not great man theory of leadership personality of a leaderSituational no such thing as a born leader rather people act as leaders depending on the situation situational leadership theory HerseyBlanchard different levels of maturity for leadership Fielders contingency theory degree of success of leadership contingent on situational demandsExchange perspective that looks at the quality of the relationship between the leader and subordinates in the organization to determine leadership effectiveness Leadermember exchange theory LMX focuses on the quality of relational linkages between both the superior aka leader and subordinates aka member as a major influence in determining effective leadership Transformational leadership focuses on empowering individual workers and helping the organization adapt to changes in both internal eg new technology being implemented and external eg changes in the market community or society at large environments involves constant change and adaptationOrganizations as Industry Leaders companies that are the best of their time have 8 things in common Bias for Action Close to the customer autonomy and entrepreneurship productivity through people hands onvalue driven stick to the knitting stick to what they do best simple formlean staff simultaneous loosetight properties Excellence is temporary what is effective today will be ineffective tomorrowApplied Peter Principle doing something well does not necessarily give you the skill set to manage people who do the same thingRelationships from MoodleDimensions of Workplace RelationshipsPoweroReferentoExpertoLegitimateoCoerciveoRewardAttractivenessoTaskoProximityoSocialoSupportiveMentoringInvolvementolevel of involvement determined by disclosureSituationoas situations or circumstances change so do relationshipsStages of RelationshipsComing Together1Initiating2Experimenting3Intensifying4Integrating 5BondingComing Apart1Differentiating2Circumscribing3Stagnating4Avoiding5TerminatingSuperiorsubordinate Relationships most important relationship superior cannot disclose to subordinate as much as subordinate can disclose with superior or peeroOpenness willingness of both parties to be receptiveoUpward Distortion subordinates intentionally distorting info given to supervisoroSemantic Info Distance gap between what supervisor knows and what subordinate knowsoUpward Influence subordinates perception of how influential superior is with upper mgmtPeer Relationshipsoorganizationalrelationship is because you have to work togetheropersonalcan develop out of org but becomes more than just task orientedHarassmentounwelcome remarksoembarrassing jokesotauntingosexist remarksodisplays of pornographic or offensive materials and photosChapter 106 functions of nonverbal communication1Substitute use a nonverbal symbol to replace verbal communication Instead of asking him to be quiet you might put a finger to your lips vertically 2Complementwhen both verbal and nonverbal communication are used together at the same time it can improve the meaning When you meet someone for the first time you will often shake hands and say Pleased to meet you Both the handshake and the verbal message work to emphasize that you are indeed pleased to meet this person3Repeat nonverbal replicates the verbal message after it is spoken After you say time out you make a T with your hands like a referee does in a football game The time out symbol reinforces your verbal message but happens after the verbal message is complete4Regulatenonverbal messages are used to control the interactions in a conversation For example in a meeting you might raise your hand to get the attention of the facilitator and make a comment Nonverbal is used to let others know we want to be a part of the conversation5Accentvocal qualities are used to emphasize and accent certain parts of the verbal message The choice of words to accent can dramatically change the meaning of the verbal message 6Contradictsometimes our verbal and nonverbal communication does not agree We typically expect our verbal and nonverbal to match up and when they dont it takes time for us to decipher the meaning For example imagine a HR manager smiling while telling you Im so sorry but your job is eliminated and you will be laid off in 2 weeks Ways nonverbal can help and ways to improve nonverbal communication helps because it reiterates the verbal message being portrayed shows a lot about the mood of the communicator and can clarify confused thoughts or messages on either side of the conversationSometimes hand motions are used to bring back a lost thought to the speaker Ways to improveListeningReflective listeningwhat involves In Reflective Listening you have to do more that JUST hear You have to understand so you know how to communicate backIn order to show understanding the listener must be able to respond back to let them know you were listening Skills of Attending and Respondingdont have this in the notes eitherClose EncountersThe amount of space a client needs to feel comfortable varies according to an assortment of factors Cultural differences age sex and personality all play a major part in the preferred style of negotiation Generally speaking Eastern
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