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CMST 2061 Pride Shaw Midterm

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Communication Studies
CMST 2061
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CMST 2061Fall 2011Midterm Study GuideLecture 1Business and Organizational CommunicationGoals of Business CommComm at work is functional effectivecompetent and strategic1 FunctionalDifferent functions in business workplaceTo inform to persuade to coordinate to question to entertainGoal is to complete tasks2 RelationalHaving friends at work is important and can make job more enjoyable build good relationships with boss and coworkers networking3 Identity ManagementOne of our goals is to make people think highly of usLet people know what we are capable ofWant to get promotions1 GoalbasedWe have different goals in workplace3 types of messageso1 Task help us get our job doneo2 Maintenance relationshipbuilding make connectionso3 Human Relations praise motivation and reward often forgotten2 EffectiveCompetenceWe expect people to be competent and effective and get their point acrossHold coworkers to a higher level of competence3 StrategicBecause we are dealing with goalsWe have to understand the audience boss coworker customerTypes of messages3 types of messages task maintenance human relations see abovePresentation Communicationdefinition and characteristicsIt is not public speakingIt is more informal communicationExtemporaneous not memorizedMore commonMost important to employers7 principles of effective presentationpurpose audience logistics content organization credibility and performance1 Purpose have to know what you are talking about and why2 Audience how to tailor a message analyze your audience first3 Logistics when where how meeting style4 Content relates to purpose know what you should and shouldnt talk about5 Organization how will you arrange the info is it in a pattern that makes sense6 Credibility reputation audiences opinion of you7 Performance only way it gets better is through practiceSpeech Anxiety and Stage Freightdefine and how to overcomeSpeech anxiety is before and after stage freight is during overcome both by practice feel confident in presentation gain experience1 Speech anxiety usually before presentation and sometimes after2 Stage freight during the presentationThey have the same symptomsIf you are confident in your presentation and material it will lessen your speech anxietyKnow 4 approachesclassical human relations human resourcescultureand how effect communicationhandout in booksee table in bookClassical model people didnt know what they were doing ended up like dictatorsHuman relations approach if we pay attention to people it will make them more productiveHuman resources combination of classical and human relations MacGregors Theory X and Y need structure and hierearchy but also relational most organizations today use varieties of human resources approach teamworkOrganizational culture more for the 80s but it wont go away culture is a common understanding Disney organization is like a family with Uncle Walt different atmospheres metaphors and ritualsProcess of Socializationin handout as well as classSee handoutGreat way to understand how important communication isFred Jablin created theory of socialization and 4 stepso1before you enter the workplace you have an idea of what its like Different Anticipatoryjobs have reputationso2 Encounter first begin working at company and start to learn the ropes and what is expected lots of communication orientations training asking questionso3 Metamorphosis become a part of the company find your place where you belongo4 Exit leave a companySocialization really helps us understand how our daytoday communications help us build our connection to a company to become confidentLecture 2InterviewsOpening phase questionresponse and closingknow what happens and ways to organizeInterviewer has to prepare opening questions and closing interviewee prepares by practicing sample questionsoPart 1 OpeningoHave a good rapport make connection with the other personoNext is orientation tell the person the plan for the interview I am going to ask you some questions aboutoMotivation motivate interviewee to answer questions with the straightforward answers you needoPart 2 Questions heart of interviewoCreate a list of questions and organize them in a meaningful way such asFunnel start broad and get specificInverted start specific and get broadHour glass the two combinedoPart 3 ClosingoSummarize I really enjoyed learning aboutoFollowup tell them when you will let them knowQuestionswhich to use and best typesdiff between open closed illegal leadingoThere are different types and there is not one perfect questionoOpen vs Closed ended questionsoOpenended anything can be an answer tell me about yourself where do you see yourself in 5 yearsoCloseended have a limit to the number of answers like an almost expected answer yes or no answeroPrimary vs Probing questionsoPrimary is firstoProbing is followupoDirect vs Specific questionsoSimilar to closed endedoTrying to get a simple answeroBad Loaded Leading and Illegal questionsoLoaded are not good and evoke an emotional responseoLeading are not good and imply that there is a correct answer You have no problem working on Saturdays do youoIllegal are not good you cannot ask age gender marital status disabilities ethnicities religion political beliefsLecture 3PresentationsSteps to PrepareAudience General topic Exact Purpose Body IntroConclusion Visual and PracticeoStep 1know what they want and expect from you know who they areAudience AnalysisoStep 2 Identify what general topic is persuade inform entertain build a relationshipoStep 3 Write an Exact Purpose goal statementthesis statement what you need to accomplish has to be achievable has to be relevant and have a link to the audienceoStep 4 Prepare the body of presentation what topics or main points organize the body in a way that is meaningfuloStep 5 Conclusion and IntroductionoConclusion is a simple summary and a closing thought Do this firstoIntroduction needs to capture attention of audience statistic visual aid quote etc motivate audience to listen let the audience know you are qualified give them some kind of credibility go through thesis statement as a preview today we are going to coverPrimary and probing questions Primary is the first question you ask probing is followup to get more informationElevator speechwhat it is why we use it what it needs to includeSee book notes belowLecture 4Small GroupDefine small group and diff between groups and teamsoGroupsoShared purpose and shared goalsoEffective group understands and incorporates each members shared goalso3 or more peopleoHave an identityoDefine ourselves by connection to groupoMore effective in decision making than aloneoDifference between groups and teamsoTeamsoMore cohesiveoPeople take more personal responsibilityoPeople are treated equal not as much authority as a person in groupoWe want to work in teamso3 Leadership Styles in teamsgroupso1 Authoritative dictatorship one person tells everyone else what to do could be good if there is a deadlineo2 Democratic participative equal footing everyone is leader most effectiveo3 Laissezfaire lack of leadership not positive or effective for groupsTeam rolessee handout in bookknow specific roles and examples for themo1 Task trying to get goal accomplished can be a motivator recorder contributor questioningo2 Maintenance groupbuilding more social harmonizer settles conflict encourager followero3 Individual DO NOT WANT Any role someone may take that takes focus away from group they get in the way and block or interrupts and can be aggressiveFischerstages of group developmentoTalks about stages of group developmento1Orientation very important but tend to neglect sit down and get to know one anothero2 Conflict all groups have conflict could be huge or small the better we know one another the more conflict it is not bad
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