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Louisiana State University
Environmental Sciences
ENVS 1126

MULTIPLE CHOICESChoose the one that best completes the statement or answers the question1 The greenhouse effect refers to A warming of the Earths atmosphere B the removal of air pollutants by passing the air through greenhouses C increased albedo due to greenhouses D the growth of crops in greenhouses using hydroponics E the principle on which a new solar heating device is based 2 A greenhouse gas which is produced in the stomachs of ruminant animals and is increasing in concentrations in the troposphere is A CFCs B carbon dioxide C methane D nitrous oxide E carbon monoxide 3 The overall or net annual concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is being A decreased by respiration B decreased by pollution C increased by burning fossil fuels D increased by photosynthesis E none of the above 4 We produce carbon dioxide when we A drive our automobiles B heat our houses with oil or gas C get energy from the food we eat D A and B only E A B and C 5 Which of the following isare conjecture speculation as opposed to documented fact A The carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere is increasing B The recent drought in midwestern North America Africa and Australia was caused by the greenhouse effect C Carbon dioxide absorbs infrared radiation D Levels of infrared absorbing gases other than carbon dioxide are increasing E all of the above 6 Ozone in the UPPER atmosphere A is a pollutant B is necessary to screen out ultraviolet radiation C is necessary to maintain the temperature of the Earth D is necessary to maintain ocean circulation E none of the above 7 Which of the following will probably not be a consequence of extreme ozone layer depletion A more severe sun burning B more cases of skin cancer C more cases of lung cancer D more cases of blindness E damage burning to leaves of agricultural crops and forest trees 8 At this point in time experts feel that the most practical way to cope with depletion of the ozone shield is to A produce more ozone at ground level B terminate production of CFCs through finding substitutes C transport ozone to the stratosphere with rockets D erect ultraviolet sunscreens over cities E none of the above 9 Greenhouse gases A are transparent to heat but absorb sunlight B are transparent to sunlight but absorb heat C are transparent to heat and sunlight D none of the above 10 During the months of the year when photosynthesis predominates over respiration in terrestrial ecosystems carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere A decrease slightly B increase slightly C stay the same D There is no data to answer this 11 Which of the following statements regarding ozone depletion is FALSE A Reduction in ozone concentrations in the stratosphere is predicted to result in increased incidence of skin cancer B Each chlorine atom in the stratosphere destroys one ozone molecule C The Montreal Protocol is an agreement signed by 92 184 nations with an aim toward protecting the ozone layer D Preliminary studies have correlated ozone loss with increases in uvB radiation reaching the Earths surface 15 Which rock type is most effective at buffering acid precipitation A granite B limestone C sandstone D clayrich rocks E loam 16 Factors that determine the level of local air pollution include A the amount of pollutants entering the air B the volume of air into which the pollutants are dispersed C the mechanisms that remove pollutants from the air D the rate of movement of local air masses E all of the above 17 Smog A is a word derived from smoke and fog
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