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The Russian Domain

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GEOG 1001

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Political DevelopmentsTsarsoIvan the TerribleFirst Slavic ruler to gain title of czarConquered MongolsoRussian ExpansionCossacksSeminomadic peopleoRussian kings or emperorsoHereditary successionoPeter the GreatFounded Modern RussiaForward Capitalmoves capital to St PetersburgDeliberately positioned to signify the states interestLook to the WestoTsarina Catherine the GreatExpanded Russian EmpireSouthern RussiaUkraineWarmwater coastline of black seaSerfdomoMid 1600s1861oSerfs beholden to landowners or the stateoNot ethnically basedoBound to the land80 of population leased land had no free movement1917 RevolutionThe Soviet Union1991 BreakUpOriginsNomadic PastoralistsoMeat milk fiber Slavs Including RusoFarmers emerged in Poland Ukraine BelarusoFounded settlementsKiev 480 ADMoscow 1100The MongolsLoose confederation of nomadic pastoral people CAth13 centuryMoscow rulers as tax collectorsth14 centuryPushed outSetting the BoundariesNorthern half of EurasiaIncludes Russia Ukraine Belarus Moldova Georgia and ArmeniaRapid political and economic changeDomainoPersisting Russian influenceRussiaWorlds largest country spans 11 time zonesMost of region 5070 NContinentality Inland climates removed from the ocean with hot summers and cold winters such as those found in the interior of N America and Russia
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