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GEOG 1003

Geography1003HumanGeographyAfricaandAsia1 Understand the Suez Canals importance to international trade between thEurope and Asia Slides for November 4 Textbook page 320The Suez Canal running through Egypt connects the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea linking Europe to Asia directly The direct connection gave foreign powers more control over the eygptian economy The british took more direct control in 18832 Identify the relationship between the distribution of Egypts population the countrys prevailing climate and the Nile River Slides for November th4 Textbook page 303The majority of the population lives in the Nile river valley and Nile delta because of the water and the nutrients that the river brings to the soil The river makes the area farmableThe prevailing climate is desert with little rain all year 3 Understand the profound change thats taken place in where the people of the Arabian Peninsula live and the factor that drove this change over the past thhalfcentury Slides for November 6 Textbook page 307 Most of the Arabian peninsula is extremely dry desert Once an almost entirely rural population now the countries of Arabia are almost entirely urbanized While the wealth from energy production has transformed much of Arabia in the past halfcentury the poorest country in the Mideast Yemen is also on the peninsula 4 Be able to identify the cultural differences between the people who live on the opposing shores of the Persian Arabian Gulf and the role of foreign guest workers in the wealthy Gulf monarchies on its southern shore Slides thfor November 6 Textbook page 308Look at slides and read 3085 Be able to differentiate between differences of nationality like between North and South Koreans ethnicity like between Arabs and Kurds religion like between Muslims and Jews and denominations like between Sunni and Shia Muslims6 Know that Southwest AsiaNorth Africa is a majority urban world region while SubSaharan Africa and the Pacific Island nations of Oceania are majority ruralSouth west Asia and North Africa are majority urban and SubSaharan Africa and the pacific Islands of Oceania are majority rural 7 Know that Israel and Egypt are the largest peacetime recipients of US economic and military foreign aid Describe how Egypt became an American ally after it went from being one of Israels greatest enemies to thsigning a peace treaty with Israel Slides for November 4 Egyptian politics in the 1950s and 1960s centered around the radical Arab nationalism associated with Gamal Abdel Nasser below who repressed the Muslim Brotherhood and fought two wars with Israel 1956 and 1967 losing the last one badly Anwar Sadat above at left after defeat in the 1973 ArabIsraeli war signed the Camp David Accords with Israel in 1978 and reoriented Egypts foreign policy to become a close American ally and the secondlargest recipient of US foreign aid He was assassinated by Islamic militants in 1981 From then to 2011 Egypt was ruled by Hosni Mubarak 8 Identify that Egypt played a large role in the Arab Spring of 2011 with the overthrow of Egypts president and that Egypt has gone through continuous political instability since then with another president overthrown by the thmilitary this past summer Slides for November 4 President Morsi was overthrown by the Egyptian army in July 2013 While this action was popular among many Egyptians who demonstrated in mass protests just before the coup the Muslim Brotherhoods supporters are also numerous and want Morsi the democratically elected prime minister to be returned to office The army killed hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters holding sitins around Cairo in late 20139 Be familiar with the timeline of major events in the Mideast like the fall of the Ottoman Empire and establishment of European rule in 1917 the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 and the Israeli conquest of the
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