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15 Africa I Outline

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THE HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY OF SUBSAHARAN AFRICAThree RegionsSubSaharan North Africa and the Middle East and Central AsiaIThe Physical LandscapeAfrica covers 15 of the worlds land surface but has no major mountain ranges outside of the Atlas Mountains in MoroccoFour major rivers define several of the major realmsthe Nile the Niger the Congo and the Zambezi RiversThe subSaharan area can be divided into 4 regionsWest Africa Central Africa East Africa and Southern AfricaiNotes iiContinent covers 15 of the worlds land surface With the exception of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco No major mountains in Africa except Atlas No mountainous backbone What does separate them is huge deserts the Sahara the Kalahari and the jungles of central Africa iii4 major rivers the south Zambezi the Congo wrapping around the Niger and the Nile flowing from down Central Africa to the iv4 major divisions within Sub Saharan Africa West Africa East Africa Southern Africa and Equatorial Africa vWest Africa is defined by parallel belts of physical geographyo4 beltsoNorthern belt very arid and then moves into the semi arid belt and then moves into Savannah with extensive grasslands And the fourth belt is humid coastal forest oThese belts go east to west Trade went along these belts oBetween coast have huge physiographical differencesviEquatorial AfricaoHeat oHigh rainfall oExtreme humidity oNo seasonal variation of these temperatureoSome of the high biodiversity in the world especially the Congo delta viiEast AfricaoArea east of the rift valley oHas many major lakes lake victoria albert Tanganyika oRises to form the east oBantu people dominateoLarge grassland savannahsoFarming shifting cultivation Swiden viiiSouthern AfricaoDominated by Kalahari desertoPolitically dominated by South Africa with farming Richest country in the region
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