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Study Guide For Midterm Exam 2

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GEOG 1003
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Geography1003HumanGeographyAfricaandAsiaStudy guide for Midterm exam 2thExam to be given Wednesday March 26 Key terms to know from the textbook chapter 12 on South Asia see page 584Orographic rainfall enhanced precipitation over uplands that results from lifting and cooling of air masses as they are forced over mountains Orographic precipitation pictured below causes high rain and snow fall on the southern slopes of the Himalayas but very little on the northern slopescycloneA large strom marked by welldefined air circulation around a lowpressure center Tropical cyclones are typically called hurricanes in the Atlantic and Typhoons in the PacificGreen RevolutionTerm applied to the development of agricultural techniques used in developing countries that usually combine new genetically altered seeds that provide higher yields than native seeds when combined with high inputs of chemical fertilizer irrigation and pesticides monsoonThe seasonal pattern of changes in winds heat and moisture in South Asia and other regions of the world that is a product of larger meteorological forces of land and water heating the resultant pressure gradients and jetstreamed dynamics The monsoon produces distinct wet and dry season Key terms to know from the textbook chapter 14 on OceaniaAtolllow sandy islands made from coral often oriented around a central lagoonMelanesiaPacific Ocean region that includes the culturally complex generally darkerskinned peoples of New Guinea the Solomon Islands Vanuatu New Caledonia and Fiji MicronesiaPacific Ocean region that includes the culturally diverse generally small islands north of Melanesia Includes the Mariana Islands Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia PolynesiaPacific Ocean region broadly unified by language and cultural traditions that includes the Hawaiian Islands Marquesas Islands Society Islands Tuamotu Archipelago Cook Islands American Samoa Samoa Tonga and KiribatiBe able to explain how Pacific islands are formed and evolve over time into thatolls Slides for February 19 Textbook page 651AtollVolcanic eruptions build mountains out of the Pacific Ocean floor some of which reach the seas surfaceAfter these volcanoes become dormant erosion eventually pulls the mountains back down into the sea Coral reefs which grow to compensate for continued erosion and subsidence eventually become the only part of the island above or near the ocean surfaceHigh Islands are ones from recently active volcanoesHawaiiVolcano hot spot creates a chain of islands Differentiate between Micronesia Melanesia and Polynesia Textbook pages th6401 Slides for February 19Melanesia Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands Vanuatu and New CaledoniaMicronesia Palau Carolines Marshalls Marianas and Gilbert Islands Nauru Kiribati Polynesia French Polynesia Marquesas Easter Island Pitcairn Cook Islands Samoa Fiji Hawaii Tonga Tuvalu New Zealand Also be able to describe how people first settled Oceania Textbook pages 6534Original inhabitants Aborigines in Australia and people of New Guinea have been present for 60000 years This was done on very crude water craft Everyone else came out of southeast Asia and moved east to Polynesia as soon as 1000 years ago The people of Oceania are among the worlds most recent original settlers of a part of the globeTheir ancestors first migrated from Southeast Asia into Micronesia and Melanesia several thousand years ago 3500 then eastward by boat over thousands of miles of open ocean into Polynesia arriving at last in Hawaii Easter Island and New Zealand around 1200800 years ago
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