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The CryosphereMeans the frozen worldIncludesoGreenlandice capoPermafrostpermanently frozen soiloArctic Oceansea ice Dynamic environmentsoClimate always changingTemperatureoThe kinetic energy level of the molecules in a substanceoAll molecules are constantly movingvibrating back and forth rapidly Temperature BudgetoInputsoutputsstorage temperatureoAngle of solar energy hitting earth increases as you move towards the poles oEarth BudgetInputs Solar energy Outputs Outgoing energy the earth gives off StorageEquator has positive budgetPoles have negative budget oWhy hasnt equator gone up in flames and poles frozen overEquator and poles are connected in climateWarm air masses from the tropic to the north oHurricanes carry huge amounts of energy from the equator to northern or southern hemisphereAs powerful as multiple atomic bombsoOcean gyresTransports energy and influences climate Climate HistoryoFor much of earths history temperatures have been 810 degrees Celsius above what they are now But working their way to the present temperatures have gotten cooler while fluctuating temperature the whole time Temperatures got cold enough for an ice agelarge portions of continents covered in ice sheets oQuaternaryGlacialClimate cold enough for ice sheets to formInterglacialClimate too warm for ice sheets to form HoloceneOur current warm period oIs Global Warming just the earths normal cycle or from human activityCO2 is a greenhouse gas then bounces back the earths output heat and heats up things Milankovitch CyclesoOrbit shapeGoing from circular to elliptical every 100000 yrsFluctuation of earths orbit around the sun are correlated with glacial periods oAxial tiltIf tilt was greater the seasons would be way more extremeVaries on a cycle of about 40000 yrs2224 degree tiltoAxial directionVaries on cycle of about 75000 yrs Glaciers
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