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Hist 1003 Final Revised (Got A+ on the test)

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HIST 1003
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Final Exam Study Sheet 150 points totalPart A100 points Material since the second midterm Section I 50 points Quiz on Maps 1315 and on Kotkin Armageddon AvertedWhat was the Soviet economy like in the 1970s and 80spp 1518During the 1970s and 80s the Soviet economy was experiencing its greatest economic boom due to the 1973 ArabIsraeli War and oil shock which caused an unexpected leap in world oil prices Form 19731985 energy exports accounted for 80 of the USSRs expanding hard currency earnings How does Kotkin charactertize the older generation of Soviet leaders who held power before Gorbachev eg Brezhnev AndropovHow was Gorbachev differentpp 3557What issues could be discussed in the Soviet Union as a result of Gorbachevs policy of Glasnostpp 6773Political more so governmental criticismWas Gorbachev a communistpp 5685Yes What kind of politician was Boris YeltsinHow did he seize powerpp 86103What was Russia like in the Yeltsin yearspp 113141During the Yeltsin years Russia was utterly broke and in chaos At the beginning of Yeltsin term inflation was estimated to be 250 per month Yeltsin decided to use shock therapy on the example of 1990 Poland an d1070s Chile by the International Monetary Fund IMF In early 1992 Yeltsin ended most of Sovietera administered prices and the state was transformed into a bustling bazaar of buyers and sellers on street corners However Yeltsin could not stabilize the monetary system Interenterprise debts soared to 800 billion rubles by March 1992 and by July reached 32 trillion rublesa quarter of Russian GDPWhat does Kotkin mean by democracy without liberalismWho was running Russia during this erapp 142170What are the problems of the Confederation of Independent States in which Russia is the dominant state todaypp 185196Additional Map For extra credit be able to list 4 of the members of the CIS
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