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HIST 1003 His Wes Civilization History Exam 1 Study Guide

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HIST 1003
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GlossarySovereigntyJean Bodins definition of 1586 emphasis added The right to give the law to all of the people without their consentSome may give consent but that is not the point This is an absolute right within any given society whether exercised by a king a legislative body or some other person or source such as a court systemSecularizationThe process of becoming secular in point of view that is concerned only with things of this world and explanations arising from it rather than also or only with things of the next world ie religion in one sense From the Latin saecularis coming once in an age in contrast to Latin caelum for sky or heavenModernityThe rule of modern institutions of state civil society public sphere human rights equality before the law the individual distinctions between public and private the idea of the subject person hood democracy popular sovereignty social justice scientific rationality and so onDipesh Chakrabaerty Provincializing Europe Postcolonial Thought and Historical Difference Princeton 2000 4Modernity can also be described as the urban industrial society with a low or declining death rate and at a lag a low or declining birth rate well developed state institutional and industrial bureaucracies of the rational type universal suffrage and representative forms of government strong emphasis on equal individual rights under the law and on individuals as actors in the economic social and political spheres of life strong educational systems from primary to post graduate levels with a commitment to the use of scientific methods and reason to seek answers to problems across the range of Nature and human experience Until the 21st century modern societies were based on the use of fossil fuels Improvements in the transportation of goods and information are characteristicModern society is one where knowledge information and communication are vital components in the reproduction of power structures class relations and daily lifeboth materially and ideologically In this milieu the universities and education in general occupy a decisive position with the knowledge industry consuming an every increasing share of resources with research and development an indispensable feature of hightech development with the ubiquitous mass media and cultural apparatus shaping popular consciousness to a greater extent than ever CarlBoggs Intellectuals and the Crisis of Modernity SUNY 1993 ixStripped of some of the Marxist jargon power structures class relations Boggs observation enriches understanding of the role of informationknowledge in society and why education and higher education in particular are in financial crisis at the same time they are needed as never beforeGlobalization
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