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Part One1In the early modern period trade and commerce was already a motor of globalization as it is today Even independently of the opening of the Americas people on different continents were actively exchanging goods The Americas eventually contributed to this worldwide pattern Europe Asia Africa and the Americas were all part of a trading network in some way and each contributed somethingAAfter Columbus and his crew sailed to Americas they started to take over some of the plants and things from the Native Americans Plants from the new world also start taking over in Europe Crops from New world get introduced elsewhere known as the Columbian Exchange Corn Tobaccogrown in new world doesnt get planted in new world though Potatoesbecomes staple in European diet Chocolate Tomatoes most varieties of beans Americas were also a place of disease at first and unfortunately this to be spreading to Europe Europes Christianity was spreading all over the world as it spread this created trade between Europe and many countries because missionaries brought things with them and traded with the emperors BBefore the arrival of Europeans in Africa many parts of the country were tied to Eurasian trade In Africa Mali was the center of large trading system based on Gold Africa is center on the Niger and Jenne River which provide abundance of Fish and Gold was discovered in present day Ghana Cario was a major trade terminal being the junction between Europe and China This was like the meeting point a large trade center on the water mostly Africa had a major influence on Europe where countries such as Florence Spain England and the Netherlands Started mining Gold Coins Timbuktu was also a large trading Post in North Africa because it had a great location bordering the Sahara desert and the Niger River Also in east Africa east of Cario were the great sea routes of India and China Ships brought not only good but wide spread beliefs for example Islam CChina was at the top of its game it had everything and needed nothing from other countries Few countries then were allowed to trade with China and the few that did had to pay a tax One of the first things China found that it wanted was the Gold from Africa because that was something it did not have During this time Japan had some of the same resources as China but they were going through so much fighting until the 200 years of peace their countries trade and commerce did not start flourishing Korea was set us as like a trading point or middle point between China and Japan The area controlled by the Ottoman Empire stood at the front of all the east west trade front and they could benefit from the taxs they collected on all this trade This is a very flourishing place economically and culturally alto of art and poetry and plays Asia was far more advanced at first then Europe or the Americas but soon found things in other countries that they wanted and could benefit from2The rough contemporary emperors Kangxi of China and Peter the Great of Russia illustrate their approach for governing an empire in writing from text entitles The Human Record AKangxi starts his rule in China at a young age taking over the Qing dynasty and immediately recognizes the problems Kangxi describes his role as an emperor as giving life to people and killing people through his writing I have observed how he uses that in his governing approach His beliefs follow much of that of Confucian mainly agrees with his value of respect for virtue education system and extending love for Superiors and ancestors Throughout this emperors reign he banns Christianity from all China and orders many
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