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Japan V China (got 96%)

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Event TitleEvent DescriptionEvent DateThe White Lotus Rebellion first broke out in Qing China as a tax White Lotus 1st Jan protest The result of the 10 year rebellion was a great weakening Rebellion 1794in the control of the Qing Empire later contributing to its fall 17941804httphistoryculturalchinacomen34History5503htmlQing China was very resistant to Westernization and attemtped to Western 1st Jan isolate themselves instead of opening up As a resault the British Influence In 1800took over customs and there was the Opium War and multiple China 1800srebellionsDuring the same time China was isolating itself Japan was Western 1st Jan becoming less resistant and more accepting of Westernization and Influence On 1800made expansions to both China and Korea as well as introducing Japan 1800snew government structures navy army railroads ectChina during the 18th century wanted little to do with the Western world and became very isolated Britian who was making great profit off of importing Opium to China couldnt accept when the 4th Sep Opium War foreign community was detained and some 20000 chests of 183918421839opium destroyed This sparked the Opium War resulting in The Treaty of Nanjing and the opening of 5 ports for trade Opium Wars Video httpcountrystudiesuschina15htmThe rebellion was a civil war in Southern China and one of the Taiping 1st Jan deadliest millitary conflicts in history It was also one of radical Rebellion 1850political and religious upheaval Roughly 20 million lives are said 18501864to have been taken httpenwikipediaorgw
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