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Exam 3Tuesday March 11 20141204 PM10 WilsonWW1Thursday March 6 20141158 AM oWilson and World War I AKA the Great WarPolitics Economics and SocietyCentral Powers AustriaHungary GermanyEuropean imperial ties in Africa and Asia helped to form alliancesTriple Entente Allied Powers UKBritain France RussiaMost countries were dragged into the war but some stayed neutral Wilson did not want to get involved 1914 battle started and Wilson issues a formal proclamation of NeutralityMoral HighGroundNew that it would be unpopular to get involved in a new technology war But America is involved in world trade Big Question can we sail American cargo ships around EuropeEngland and France form a blockade around the coast to weaken GermanyWilson did not take a position on thisBut America can conduct much less trade with GermanyQuietly American Bankers were giving England loansAmerica is starting to side with the Allied powers Leaders want to side with EnglandBy 1915 Germany has to respond to the blockadeStarts to try to break up the blockadeGermany had German UBoatsSends out submarines to attack ANY ship entering or leaving British portsLucitaniaSunk by the Germans100 Americans were on boardYellow Press is all over thisbut didnt mention that we were sending over war materialsWilson condemns the attack but still does not go to war William Jennings Bryan is upset and resigns as Secretary of StatePreparedness CampaignWilson is arguing for neutrality but is preparing American in case we need to go to warNational Defense ActDoubled the size of standing armyAnother act increases national spending for militaryIMAGE 22DOCUMENT 7AWilson is critical of agovernmentJustifies breaking his neutralityDOCUMENT 7BControversialNo quarrel against German people Why are we going to war against themWhy are we listening to bankers and not the people who are actually going to warAccused of seditioninsight to revoltSafer DemocracyAmericans love to hear about democracyEngland is a monarchynot a democracy lolololCriticizes Britains policies11 To End All WarsWW1 Thursday March 6 20141156 AM CHAPTER 19The War ItselfoDeadliest war of its timeoNew machines and technologytanks machine guns etcoBut oldtraditional war techniqueshiding in trenches etcoAmerican Deaths48 thousand died in battle56 thousand died from diseaseoAmerican EntranceSignificant help to the allied powers France England RussiaEnding the War in Europeo1918oGermany gives and armisticesurrenders the waroWilsonAttempted to end the war before the USA got involved Wrote letters to all of the countries involved to see what they would need to end the warPeace without VictoryWilson was idealisticFrance and Britain had high expectations for what they would gain at the war because of the hardships that their countries had faced Severe and deadly warGermany needs to suffer for starting the war in the first place Wilsons GoalsDOCUMENT 7CoVersailles ConferenceTook about 6 months Many meetings were held in secretopposite of open covenantsSymbolic gesture to have it at VersaillesGermany declared their power at Versailles a few years priorNow they are planning the demise of GermanyBig FourWilson Lloyd George Orlando ClemenceauIMAGE 23 1919Had larger stake in being involved in the conference more casualties Vladimir LeninFocus was on communism in Russia not the war itselfFound some unpublished treaties between Russia and France and BritainTheir plans on how to divide up the conquered land of AustriaHungary and Germany Disproved Wilsons theory to make the world safe for democracyFourteen PointsDOCUMENT 7CWilson gives these points at Versailles in response to Vladimir LeninDirectly references the secret treaties and says that they are in the past 1 Open covenants of peace 2 Freedom of the Seas 3 Remove economic trade barriers 4 Reduction of arms
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