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HIST 2061

Revolutionary EraFrench and Indian War 17541763o1754Seven Years War and Ohio River Valley Global since 1689The French and Indian allies defeat the British in the Ohio River Valley the defeat sets off seven years of war that is happening in America and Europe o1763Canada FloridaBritish LouisianaFrenchThe British via a very expensive military effort and defeat the French and allowing Great Britain to take over the entire East Coast The Spanish takes Florida To compensate the Spanish the French gives the Spanish Louisiana oFalloutMilitary Threat and TexasThe American colonists dont have the type of representation to dictate the British A lot of the American Revolution is about the American colonists not wanting to give up the money to finance the British militaryWar of Independence oWar of Independence1774Continental Congress 1775 LexingtonConcord In 1774 call a Continental Congress to demand repeal of all royal legislatures that seem appeasantIn 1775 local colonial militias will clash with British concords1776Declaration of IndependenceDeclares America as an independent state Drafted by Thomas Jefferson with the committee of John Adams and Benjamin Franklin Ideas are drafted from the enlightment Declaration and Enlightmento1687Natural LawsIsaac NewtonEnlightment is thought to occur after thePrincipal McMathic The universe covered by natural laws that are perceivable God doesnt interfereo1690John Lockepurpose of Government Concerning Human Understandment Locke applies Newton idea of Newtons law to societies Locke argues that people create governments to protect their natural right which forms the basis for all human law Locke figures any govt violating the natural rights of its citizens is subject to overthrow oDeclaration AlteredSlaves push for Freedom1766 Charleston Slaveliberty MarchoEverybody is wrong oAfrican Americans begin pushing for libertyoCharleston slaves and free people of color do a masked march to petition for their freedom and shout for libertyoSets off masked escapes for slaves who here about freedom Mass Escapes 17701790 SC 605 438 GA 452369oThe percentage of African slave population drops because slaves run south to Florida or north MA freedom Lawsuits 12
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