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Racial Nationalism (got the best grade in class)

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HIST 2061
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Racial NationalismIBlack InstitutionsPan Africanisma19161920 NAACP 900090000iJames Welson Johnson and Walter White1James Field secretary hires Walter White to organize the NAACPbMarcus GarveyUNIA United Negro Improvement AssociationiBiography Black Pride1Born in 1887 British Jamaica labor activism UK immigrantsaOne of eleven kidsbRural familycPrinter and labor activist in his teenage years around Kingston dSpends his teenage years in Latin America tour the Caribbean and other heavily concentrate black areas21914 founding of UNIA3Garvey is huge admirer of Booker T Washington but doesnt arrive to the US until Washington passes in 1915iiUNIA tool to push for African Americans to organize their own1Washington selfhelp skills education2African and African American History and culture Pride at a time when the white majority had maintained that African descent has no history or culture3Liberty halls4Negro World Negro Factories Corp groceries
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