ISDS 2001 : ISDS 2001 Ch1 Study Guide

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Isds 2001 - for test 1, you should be able to: define business intelligence (bi) and know its purpose. Business intelligence (bi) is an umbrella term that includes architectures, tools, databases, applications, and other methodologies aimed at getting current, historical, and predictive views of business operations for purposes of making better business decisions. define decision support system (dss) In the early 1980s, eis (executive information systems) emerged and provided for expanded computerized support to top-level managers and decision makers. These capabilities included dynamic, multidimensional reports, forecasting and prediction, trend analysis, drilling down to details. Interface define data warehouse (dw) a special database or repository of historical and current data that has been collected and is of potential interest to decision-makers throughout an organization. define business analytics (ba) Ba - is a broad category of applications used for analyzing data for purposes of helping business users make better business and strategic decisions. define middleware.

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