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Test 3 (final) has a similar form (myomlab) as test 1 and 2. It is based on quiz 5 and quiz 6 (and hw5 and 6) material. 2 points * 10 = 20 points (40%) Formula sheet is provided in cbt lab (see on moodle). Calculator: bring your own calculator (not programmable) The most important steps in preparing for the test: Numerical problems (only ch 12, 13 and 14): - hw 5 and hw 6 review; Quiz 5 review, quiz 6; myomlab "study plan"; examples and solved. Problems in textbook; practice problems with solutions (moodle); Conceptual questions (ch 11 to 14 and 16): - quiz 5 review; quiz 6; Sample quiz 5 and 6; definitions on the textbook margin; summary slides; textbook. These tools are available any time for any times to prepare for the test.

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