KIN 2501 : Kin Review For Test 2

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Hitler refused to give medals to non-german athletes. Were a part of the project for human rights. Gave a black power salute when receiving their medals. Sa banned from participating in 1962 due to a un policy that was responding to apartheid. 11 israeli athletes taken by palestinians black september . Later people were concerned with women overtraining and losing feminine traits. Females tested to prove that they were female. Winter and summer separated in 1992- too expensive. A small fire that always stays burning, + the one carried to the start. = the 5 continents at the time of creation of games. Every country represented has at least one of these colors. faster, higher, stronger. The highest ranked person of the place where they are held. One of the big things about the games- people could bring goods and trade. Could get some special things here once a year. Only place that women were allowed to take part in.

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