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KIN 3515
Christie Stewart

Exam 1 Review 3515ATPPC system is its own system and makes ATP by itself and quickly anaerobic occurs within cellDo not need to know which ones are oxidizers and reducers not really emphasizedWhen determining whether you use fats or CHO look for the training or untrained person and the intensity an elite runner would use fat earlier in a marathon than an untrained personin a marathonuses more CHO dont need oxygen as you use CHOIf you run an 800 on the track fast and your legs start burning you use an aerobic system and you use more carbs during thisTaper is a period of time you reduce training volume to allow for maximal physiologically recovery you want to make sure the body can recover to perform their bestThere are different approaches an important one is where you maintain intensity but you run a shorter distanceNot asked about the different typesCuts 2 carbons of FFA at a time in beta oxidationKnow input and outputs of the systemsNot necessarily intermediates know why you would want to know what these systems doMCT1 is a lactate transporter just know there is a way to get lactate out the cellIts activity ca
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