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Mass Communication
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The culture of journalism Ch 4 13 14ishA little historyOral and written formsOral traditions passed by poet teachers and tribal storytellersOnce the written alphabet was created the wealthy used manuscripts to convey societyOral debates were a discuss public issuesThe printed wordThe printing press introduced the first mass marketed product in history booksPaved the way for major social and cultural changes by transmitting knowledge across national boundariesThe electronic digital deliveryInvention of the telegraph 1840s began instantaneous informationRise of film early 1900s radio 1920s television 1950s and the internet 1990s continued the trendMedia convergenceThe technological merging of content or media marketersWhats nextShifting values in cultureoPremodern period pre1800soPeasants merchants farmersoLocal communication reachoRelied on oral comm and the pen homeoBelieved in natural or divine orderoOral and print based controlled by political partiesoModern 1800s1950s industrial revolutionoFactory workers manager national CEOsoNational communication reachoRelied on print electronic and typewriteroIndividualism rationalism antitraditionoPrintbased controlled by publishing familiesoPostmodern 1950spresentoTemporary workers managers global CEOsoGlobal communicationoRelies on electronic or digital transmissionoAntihierarchy skepticism about science diversity multiculturalism ironyoTV internet based opinionated conversational control but entertainment conglomeratesNews related valuesWhat is newsoProvide information that enables citizens to make intelligent decisionsobut does is make and impact or are we on overloadNewsworthinessoInformation most worthy of transformation into news storiesTimelinessProximityProminenceHuman interestUsefulnessNoveltyDevianceOther values in journalismNeutrality
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