MC 2000 : Test 1 Study Guide

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15 Mar 2019

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All of the questions below are on the test and i went through the notes and put in all that i could remember from my test! Mass communication involves: the industrial production of messages, the multiple distribution of messages, technological devices, all of these. The mass media: directs peoples attention toward the codes of acceptable behavior, tell us what and who count in our world and why, help people to understand themselves, all of these. The need for costant innovation means: that media outlets always make good profits, learge audiences are guaranteed, constant risk, that media firms do not have to pay attention to r&d. Stereotypes: are predictable depictions that reflect cultural prejudces, are present only in electronic media. The media literate person understands that media materials: are constructed, are created and distributed within a commercial environment, are created and distributed within a political environment, all of these.

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