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Review For Final (got 93% on the test)

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Louisiana State University
MGT 3200

1MANAGEMENT 3200 FINAL EXAM REVIEW QUESTIONSMOTIVATION1What are the five needs in Maslows hierarchy of needsKnow what each need is and be able to recognize what need is being satisfied in a given situationrecognize these five needs2EX what does good life insurance providesafety sense of security3Awards banquet to recognize employeesesteem4Money can satisfy all the needsPhysiological food sex moneySafety securitySocial love acceptance moneyEsteem sense of achievement money Self actualization being all you can be money5According to Maslow what motivates your behaviorLowest unsatisfied need in the hierarchy So if none of the needs are met than physiological motivates your behavior6What does Maslow believe about satisfied needsNo longer motivational once you satisfy a need you move on7If a need is frustrated what will the employee experience according to MaslowCan the employee still be motivated if hisher needs are frustratedState of stuckedness nothing can be done Will be stuck and there is nothing you can do about itIf you cant achieve safety you will be stuck there You cant go back down to physiological bc it is no longer motivationalSo no the employee can no longer be motivated28What needs are typically unsatisfied in most organizationsWhy is this the caseWhat would help satisfy these needsEsteem and self actualizationtop 2oGive you an enriched job to satisfy theseBecause most jobs are specialized9What need is the highest level of personal motivationHow many people reach this levelIs it ever fully satisfied or fulfilledSelfactualizationHIGHEST YOU CAN GETVery few people reach thisNo one ever fully satisfies it never fully satisfied oOnce you satisfy it you will want even more of itIf they do reach this it is Temporary never permanent 10What is a peak experiencePeak Experience Momentary self actualization the moment you are the best you can be Selfactualization is at the peak of the pyramid so it is a peak performance11What does the research say about Maslows hierarchy of needsTwo or three needs motivate youPeople do not go through needs in the same order they have different value system The pyramid of needs can be in a different order for different peopleSatisfied needs can still motivate12What is a cafeteriastyle benefits planDONT WORRY ABOUTCafeteria Style Benefits PlanWhere you can pick and choose the benefits you desireHealth insurance life insurance13How would you apply Maslows theory of motivation if you were a managerDifferent needs motivate different people what motivates one person may not motivate another personManagers must be flexible because what motivates people changes over time 14What are the three needs in ERG THEORY that can motivate behavior1Existence physiological and safety 2 lowest 2Relatedness social and esteem to get recognition and respect aSpecialized jobs can not satisfy Relatedness needs very well so they go back to the E needs 3Growth needs self actualization highest so never fully satisfyYou start in existence move up to relatedness than on to growth You can never fully satisfy growth so once you get a little of it you will want more All it is Maslows theory but reformulated 3 needs instead of 5 need This goes better with the research 15How do the three needs in ERG theory match up to the five needs in Maslows hierarchy of needs
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