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MGT 3320 Note- test 1

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Louisiana State University
MGT 3200

MGT 3320 HRMNotes for Exam 1Chapter 1The Dynamic Environment of HRMIntroductionHRM is the subset of the study of management that focuses on how to attract hire train motivate and maintain employeesUnderstanding Cultural EnvironmentsHRM operates in a global business environmentCountries have differentvaluesmoralscustoms political economic and legal systems The Changing World of TechnologyHRM operates in a technologically changing environmentThomas FriedmanGlobalization 10 Transportation 20Communication 30TechnologyThe Impact of TechnologyHR is increasingly using ITKnowledge workers focus on the acquisition and application of information for decision makingHRM information systems help to facilitate HR plansmake decisions fasterclearly define jobs evaluate performanceprovide desirable costeffective benefitsHR managers use technology torecruit hire and train employeesmotivate and monitor workersresearch fair compensation packagescommunicate throughout the organizationevaluate decentralized employees performanceWorkforce DiversityHRM has moved from the melting pot assumption to celebrating workforce diversityThe US Dept of the Interiors website overviews major US civil rights legislation Click hereTodays workers want a healthy worklife balanceThey can work any time from almost anywhereWork more than 40 hours per weekPart of a dualincome household The Labor SupplyHR managers monitor the labor supplyTrend is to rightsize fit company goals to workforce numbersFor agility companies build a contingent workforce ofParttime workers Temporary workers Contract workers Continuous Improvement ProgramsHR managers help workers adapt to continuous improvement changes through retraining providing answers and monitoring expectationsEmployee InvolvementIts all about employee empowerment through involvement which increases worker productivity and loyaltyOther HRM ChallengesChallenges for HRMThe recession has brought layoffs and low moraleIncreased offshoring means jobs can move overseas even HRCurrent trend of mergers and acquisitions increase HRs role A Look at EthicsCode of ethics a formal statement of an organizations primary values and the ethical rules it expects members to follow SarbanesOxley Act of 2002 Requires proper financial recordkeeping for public companiesHR managers must take part in enforcing ethics rulesTrue or False1 HRM should assume all countries have the same cultures False2 Technology and information technology have little impact on HRMFalse3 Todays workforce is composed of diverse groupsTrue4 Rightsizing is a strategy companies use to balance their labor supplyTrue5 Continuous improvement programs eliminate change in an organizationFalse6 Employee empowerment increases worker involvement and productivityTrue7 HRM is affected by the economyTrue8 HRM can play a vital role in enforcing ethical codes of conductTrueChapter 2Fundamentals of Strategic HRM
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