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Cmst 2064Quiz 1Communication the interaction of three or more interdependent members working to achieve a common goalTeams and groups both are independent and interact in order to achieve a common goal As the size of a group increases the number of possible interactions and potential misunderstandings increases even faster group of five people 90 different interactionsgroup of 7 people 966 different interactionsGroup of 39 are generally more productiveGroups of more than 9 are generally less productive but it also depends on Knowledge attitude skills nature of the task and groups goal Interaction requires communication among group members who use verbal and nonverbal messages to generate meaning and establish relationships Communication allows members to share info and opinions make decisions and solve problems and develop interpersonal relationships dynamics how they communicatemembers learn which behaviors are appropriate and inappropriate and which communication rules govern the interaction among membersGROUP communication REQUIRES interactionInterdependence means that each group member is affected and influenced by the actions of other members A successful interdependent group functions as a cohesive team in which every member is responsible for doing his or her partthe failure of a single group member can affect the entire group Work is the physical or mental effort you use when trying to accomplish something That something can be a social goal such as getting friends together for a surprise party System Theory Communication does not take place in isolation but rather necessitates a communication system Interdependent factors affect one another Si en un grupo de studio uno no studio then le v air mall a todo el grupo in question and answer in class Common goal group members come together for a reason This reasongoal defines and unifies the group Goal is the purpose or objective toward which group work is directed Effective Groups have a clear elevated goal they guide action set standards for measuring success provide focus for resolving conflict Types of groups1Primaryprovide members with affection belonging Family Friends2Socialshare common interests in a friendly setting or social activitysport teams hobbyists clubs
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