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MKTG 3411 Test 3 Outline (scored 92%)

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Louisiana State University
MKT 3411

MKTG 3411Test 3 OutlineCh 10 GroupsReference Group an actual or imaginary groupindividual conceived of having significant relevance upon an individuals evaluations aspirations or behaviorReference Groups influence consumers in three ways1Informationalgroups can provide us with info2Utilitarian group can influence us in our decisions3Valueexpressive express our values that are consistent within the groupSocial Power capacity to alter the actions of othersReferent Power we admire the individual and mirror said individualInformation Power someone knows a lot of informationLegitimate Power authorityExpert Power expertise and should believe themReward Power results from the ability to reward us for behaviorCoercive Power individual who has the power to punish usAny external influence that provides social clues can be a reference groupCultural FigureParentsLarge formal organizationSmallinformal groups family sosame nameNormative Influence set and enforce fundamental standards ie parents over childrenComparative Influence affects more specific decisionsBrand Communities and Consumer Tribes a group of consumers who share a set of social relationships based upon usage or interest in a productBrandfests people that own the same products come together ie Harleyenhance brand loyaltyMembership vs Aspirational Reference GroupsMembership reference groupsPeople the consumer actually knowsAdvertisers use ordinary peopleAspirational Reference Group People the consumer doesnt know but admires Advertisers use celeb spokespeopleFactors predicting Reference Group MembershipPropinquity distance btwn the individual and the group physical nearnessMere exposure tend to like things or ppl the more often we see themGroup cohesiveness group member attraction and valued membershipPositive vs Negative Reference GroupsAvoidance groups motivation to distance oneself from other people or groupsAntibrand communities coalesce around a celebrity store or brand because they hate itConsumers like to do things in groupsDeindividuation individual identities become submerged within a group Social Loafing people dont devote as much to a task when their contribution is part of a larger groupRisky Shift group members show a greater willingness to consider riskier alternatives following group discussions than if members made their own decisions Decision PolarizationFactors Influencing ConformityCultural pressuresFear of devianceCommitmentSusceptibility to interpersonal influenceGroup CharacteristicsoUnanimity
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