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MKT 3421 Test 2 Study Guide (97% in the course

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Louisiana State University
MKT 3421

Marketing 3421 exam 2 review sheetChapter 6 ConceptingWhat are the concepting approaches and how do they differShow the productestablish or reinforce brand identityoShow the product or logoShow the benefitoWhat happens when you use it what does it do for youoDeclarative sentence proclaiming the main benefitoEx can or bottle and people having fun the benefit is impliedyour product is connected with good timesShow the alternativeoWhat happens when you dont use it or use the competitionoGo back to the basic needs and wants and what you think of the opposite of thishunger thirst embarrassment loneliness illness pain etcoEx terminix showing outrageous ways people keep bugs out of their homesoEx Clorox bleach theres an easier way to stay white with a kid with an animalcone on his headComparisonoTo other products or as a metaphoroYou can compare your product to a competitoroUse a metaphor compare it to anythingoCompetitivecomparison conceptsWhen you go head to head against competition but make sure you are correctNeeds to be factually bulletproofoUse hard evidence to support claimsoThere is a riskreward ratiooEx subway v McDonalds is competitive comparisonoEx grumpy bear turning into a normal man after his first cup of coffee metaphoroEx ketchup bottle and knife we can help speed things upBorrowed interestoVisual puzzle introduce something seemingly unrelatedoNo obvious direct connection to the product name or benefitoAttention getting graphicoIndirect approachborrowed interestoEx pile of clothes looks like a skunkoxydol get any smell out of clothesTestimonialcase historyoAn endorsement or a description of what is done for someone elseCan be celebrity or ordinary personoEx Saturn shows the story of the family who moved to the new factory in TNoTestimonials must have credibilityWhat are the theories to consider for showing the alternative of fear Be able to know the differences between each theory and how they can be applied in an advertisementEx if you dont have time to get a mammogram how will you fit six months of chemotherapy into your scheduleUsing fear to get you to do a mammogram
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