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MKT 3421 Final Exam Study Guide (Got A+ on the test)

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MKT 3421
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MKT 3421 Final Study guideCHAPTER 1 COPY DESIGN AND CREATIVITYThe Golden Age of Creativity 1950s to 70s more advertising specificShift of focus to the brand rather than the productoOrganizations began to develop a look introduce memorable characters and kept a consistent theme throughout long running campaigns oAll of this created brand awareness and acceptance oIt used to be all about the product category rather than the brand and was more about making people aware of it Twisted conventional thinkingoVoltzwaggontold consumers to think small when other brands were talking about chromeoHertz said they were number one so Avis took that claim and said they tried harder because they were number two More visualsnew looksoUsed white space asymmetrical layouts minimal copy and unique typography Attributes benefits and valuesAttributes the characteristics of a product What does it do and what makes the product A phone has an alarm feature attribute so it wakes you up to allow you to get to class on time benefit and that helps you maintain your value of being prompt and on time to things valueBenefits Its the whats in it for me mentality What does your brand offer to benefit others There are 3 main types of benefits and the marketer has to determine which one is relevant to the target audience and then you want to convey that benefit to the consumerstarget audience oFunctionalIts the problem solving benefitI need product X to make life easierExp carsGets you from point A to point BCertain cars allow you to drive more miles on one take of gas than others Time savingSafetyreliabledependableoSymbolicMore ego drivenIf you drive car Y it shows you what kind of person you areMakes people feel good about themselvesoExperientialMore pleasure drivenIts not about the self and more about the experienceYou drive car X because its just a fun car to drive that gives you the thrill of the roadHarley Davidson products are big on thisCreative process steps1Get the factsoKnow as much as you can about the product the competition the market and the people that buy it2Brainstorming with a purposeoIf step 1 is done properly you should know the wants and needs of the target audience and how your product meets those needs oFrom that base you can create the free flow of creative ideas and concentrate on that rather than floundering in a sea of pointless questions3Pick up a pencil before you reach for the mouseoThis is all about the creative conceptoYou have to figure out a plan of action first before you can design an ad For instance where does the headline go How much copy do you think youll need Whats the main visual How should the elements be arranged Etc4Finding the referencevisualsoCan you communicate your vision to the higherups in your companyoYou can achieve this by finding photos art or design elements as a point of reference to make a point5Working with the rest of the teamoWhen two creative minds click the whole is greater than the partsoTwo heads are better than one mentality 6Preselling the creative director and account executiveoChances are you wont be having direct contact or at least sole contact with the client therefore it is crucial to have the people that interface with your client to buy into your ideas oMaintaining a good relationship with your creative director gives you an ally when you pitch your ideas to the account executive and the client oEvery creative choice must be backed with sound reasoning so that in the end the account executive is sold and thus you will overall have a better chance of convincing the client 7Selling the clientoYou have to defend your work using logic over emotionoYou have to be careful with how hard you push a client in helping them understand where you are coming fromo3 things you NEVER want to hear from a clientThat looks like the competitors ads I want ours to stand outI was looking for something a lot more creative Take some risksYou obviously dont understand our product or market This is the worst one you wont hear these things if you take care of steps 16 8Getting it rightoIf you sell it to the client you now have to hand your creation to the production team oYou have to make sure the production team fully understands your idea and implements it correctlyonothing takes the guts out of a bad idea like poor execution9Maintaining continuityoIts one thing to come up with a great idea but its another thing to extend that idea in other media and repeat it in a campaign oSometimes elements of a campaign drift away from the original idea over time oSomeone needs to continually monitor the elements of the ongoing campaign and make sure it continues to work but at the same time stay true to the original idea 10Discover what worked and whyoWere the objectives achieved
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