Beer And Wine Processing

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Beer and Wine ProcessingBeerAn alcoholic beverage made with barley rice and corn as raw materialsGrains serve as carbohydrate source for the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiaeoThere are two main categories of beer yeast oAle yeastTop fermenting 70FoLager yeastBottom fermenting 50 FHopsPlant flowers that contain acids which contribute bitterness compounds and oils for flavor and tannins for coloroAddition of hops also helps prevent growth of certain spoilage bacteriaBarely maltbarley that has been germinated started to sprout and driedoGermination activates enzymes which break down starch from barley into individual sugars Ex MaltoseoGerminationBarley soaked in water for several days drained and held at 60 F for 5 daysThis allows husk to open and barley begins to sproutcalled green malt at this pointGreen malt is driedAny roots formed during germination must be removedIntensity of flavor and color of malt depends on drying temperatureoYeast can then metabolize individual sugar moleculesEnd products of fermentation are ethanol and carbon dioxideSteps in Beer MakingMashingoMalted barley and cereal grains cooked together to form a mashoStarches in grains gelatinize making them more susceptible to enzymesoCarried out at 100 degrees F and increased slowly to 170 degrees F so that enzymes are not destroyedoLauteringThe liquid is drained from the bottom of the mashlautertun and then recirculated to the top so that it is filtered through the husks of the spent grains oSpargingAdditional heated water is then poured over the to make sure all of the sugars are removedoLiquid that results after mashing is called wortAddition of HopsoHops are added to wort and then boiled together for 25 hours
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