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Nutrition and Food Services
NFS 2000
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Intro to Food ScienceTechnology Chapter 1What is Food science aboutFood from source to youStudy of the nature of foodsFood safetyHealthy eatingAre organic foods betterApplication of science to bring food to the dinner plateFood Science Overlaps many areasIt goes beyond cookingoPrepared foods must travel long distancesoWe all rely on food from supermarket food science gets it thereoConvenienceIt delivers nutritionoApplies technology to assure foods are nutritiousProvides the supplies to restaurants as well as homeThe Myths about food scienceFood science is Dimensions of Food ScienceFood is a critical human needTechnology makes possible the variety and availability of the food we eatFood scienceconcerned with all quality and safety aspects of food before a person consumes itNutritionrelated to how the body uses the foodFood technologythe application of the science to food and food processingFood science is application ofMicrobiology biotechnology chemistry engineering nutritional science sensory evaluation culinary science processing food delivery from farm gate to dinner plate economics businessFood Science and NutritionFood science deals with food manipulations and their consequencesFood science is an interdisciplinary field of studyNutrition deals with the consequences of food components on the bodyBiologyFood ScienceBiologythe study of living things and their life sustaining systems
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