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Comparative Politics23 good not great notesContextThere are many aspects that mold a political systemAll political systems are affected by several factorsGeographyPolitical systems are often influence by their location surrounding environment and whether they are land locked or surrounded by waterEx Russia affected all the surrounding countries making them communism until the end of the Cold WarThe geography also changes how effective the country can governHistoryHistorical events have an effect on every political systemThe effect of history varies from one country to another revolutionsPolitical CultureThe basic valuesbeliefs ideasattitudes and orientation that people have about their political systemThe various ways in which people respond to political impulsesIn 1999 high gasoline prices caused protests in BritainAt the same time France began rioting over gas prices but Great Britains prices were 3x higherFrances government acted first because in France riots and protests are usually a very bad thingEconomyA marriage between politics and economicsThey both determine what happens with the otherThere have been very few elections not decided on the economyex Israel in 2002 because of terrorism and Schroeder in GermanyCapitalism vs CommunismCapitalismBased on free market principlesgovt interferes least as it can in the marketFound in Western European countriesCommunismGovernment has strong control on economypeople dont have many choicesa five year development plan is usedBoth have had good and bad stretchesConstitution and IdeologyConstitutionan instrument or document used by a country to determine the workings of its political systemLeaders often defy constitutions if they canConstitutions also can be too vagueIdeologyan instrument that is required to orient politicians who operate in the sea of politicsPeople closer to a middle ideology usually decide electionsInstitutionsLegislatureParliament An institution in which political representation takes place and allows laws to be madeIt is usually the scapegoat institutionThe role played by the legislature varies from one country to anotherIn first world countries they are keyvitalthey play a large role in how governments perform
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