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Poli 2060 Final Exam Sheet

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Louisiana State University
Political Science
POLI 2060

ARISTOTLE Growth of Human Organization FamilyPolisProblems Factions Ambition Tyranny of the MajorityHuman beings associate with each other for two reasonsMadisonfactions People united by common purpose1 Necessityprocreationmen and womennot best for everyone2 Master and Slaverule or become ruledInterest groups hindered by majority who regulates AssociationhouseholdvillagePolisfactions they dont likePolis is idealoption for good life once Solutions Benefits of a Large Republic Defense No Single Faction needshunger are metcan DominateWhat Makes Us PoliticalBig government makes it hard for groupsfactions to Capacity for language expressing just v unjustorganize effectively and dominatePolis fills desire to be just and debate the unjustElected representatives avoid AristocracyThe Best Constitution Checks and BalancesNo bestdepends on the particularsThe ambitious undermine and fight other ambitious peopleGood Citizens and Good People Branches of government and elections help this All Participating in politicsgood citizencheckbalance each otherGoodness and justness are different than good citizensPractical Reason ARENDT Four parts to the soulVita activa vs vita contemplative1 ScientificTheoreticalphilosophical wisdomContemplativaAbove active Philosophers think their life 2 Calculativepractical wisdom or is bestreasoncommon senseActivaMarx upsets hierarchy and says active life leads to 3 Desiderativeaccurate sensory perceptioncontemplative4 Nutritiveinvoluntary activities No virtueSome go through life and never contemplate why they are hereLOCKE LaborNatural Equality AbilityReason and Access to NatureCharacterized by biological actions All living thingsNaturally equalall able to reason though some are Reproduction everlasting repetitive actions smarter than othersTroublesome immediateEqual access to natureno natural fenceLead to some satisfaction such as relieving ones Natural Law Preserve Ourselves Help Others as Much as PossibleselfPrimaryself Should also preserve others since they also Necessary to sustain life Consumptionhave reasonWorkState of Nature Not So Bad Creation of durable things Meansend relationshipRepairdo what is necessary to fix the wrongHomo faberthe making and use of speech and toolsRestrainability to kill to deters others
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