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Chapter 8 Study Guide

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2000

Chapter 8 Study Guide Prenatal and Infancy 1 What are the different research designs used to study human developmentWhat are some advantagesdisadvantages of each Human development is the scientific study of the changes that occur in people as they age from conception until deathLongitudinal design studies the same group of people over several yearsCrosssectional design studies several different age groups and look at them all at the same timeCrosssequential design starts as a crosssectional design then follows those groups as a longitudinal design2 What is the naturenurture debate The natureonly side states that personalities are influenced by genetic factors and remain consistent across the life spanThe nurtureonly side states that we are all essentially the same at birth and we are the product of our experiencesExperiences make us who we areAnything is possible3 What are the results of twin studies in temperament and personality For developmental psychologists twins provide an important way to look at the contribution of nature and nurture to human developmentResearchers may seek out identical twins who have been separated at birth looking at all the ways those twins are alike in spite of being raised in different environmentsResearchers have shown that identical twins raised together are more similar than fraternal twins raised together in traitsIdentical twins separated early in life and raised apart are more similar in these traits than are fraternal twins raised togetherBoth of these research findings suggest the existence of a genetic component to personality4 What are the results of adoption studiesWhat do biological parents influence more and what do adoptive parents influence more Adopted children are more similar to their biological family in personalityAdoptive parents have greater influence on attitudes values manners faith and politics
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