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PYSC 2000 Test 3

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2000

Chapter 9 Parenting Stylespractices that parents exhibit in relation to their children and the effects of these practicesThere are two main dimensions of parenting styles1Demandingnessthe degree to which parents set down rules and expectations for behavior and require their children to comply with them2Responsivenessthe degree to which parents are sensitive to their childrens needs and the extent to which parents express love warmth and concern for their children These two dimensions are combined in varying amounts to yield four different parenting stylesA researcher named Diana Buamrind introduced the terms for the parenting styles1Authoritative parentshigh in demandingness and high in responsivenessThese parents have clear rules for acceptable behavior and their kids know the consequences for not following those rulesThese parents explain why the rules are in place and they are willing to discuss issues with their childrenThey are also demonstrative and warm in their interactionsTheir children know that their parents love themThis parenting style has the most positive outcomes for kidsParents have authority but they also express concern for their children through guidance2Authoritarian parentshigh in demandingness but low in responsivenessThese parents also have high expectations for behavior from their children but they do not discuss these rules with their kidsThey expect obedience from their childrenThey show little affection to their childrenThis lack of demonstrative behavior coupled with high obedience expectations may come across as hostility towards their kidsThe kids in authoritarian families tend to exhibit either rebellion ordependencyThey are taught to follow their parents decisions and demands without question and not to try to make decisions for themselvesThe meeker kids get cowed and dominatedThey will remain codependentThe stronger kids are rebelliousBoth types usually
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