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Ch9 Developmental PsychologyDevelopmental psychology agerelated changes in behaviormental processes form conception to deathMajor Issues in developmental psychology 1Nature and NurtureaNature approach AKA maturational approach developmental proceeds in an orderly fashion is result of genetics bNurture approach AKA experience approach emphasizes importance of environment for development cMiddle ground relative contribution of each 2Continuity and DiscontinuityaContinuity view development is a gradual additive process without sudden change bDiscontinuity development is discontinuous qualitative transformations 3Stability and Change AKA early and later experienceaEarly experience experiences of infancy especially important for later developmentbLater experience view early experiences are important to development but no more important than later experiencescInteractionist perspective relations and contributions from each side Research Methods1Crosssectional study studying people all at one time ex different age groups2Longitudinal research studying same group of people for a period of time3Problems aCrosssectional studies cohort effects differences that result from specific histories of age group studied Ex Younger people have different education Testing 20 yearolds would do better than 80 yearoldsbLongitudinal studies are expensive both in time and money Attrition loss of research participants over time Random is better than nonrandomPrenatal Development st1Germinal period 1 two weeks after conception Creation of zygote fertilized egg cell division and attachment of zygote to uterine wall 2Embryonic period 28 week after conception Rate of cell division increases support systems for cells form and organs appear Mass of cells attached to uterine wall forms layers and is now called embryoaEndoderm digestive and respiratory systemsbEctoderm nervous system and sensory receptors cMesoderm bones muscles excretory reproductive and circulatory systems 3Fetal Period 29 months after conception Fetus is rapidly gaining weight fine detailing of body organs and systems TeratogensTeratogen an agent that produces a malformation or raises population incidence of malformation
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