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Chapter 4 Sensation and PerceptionPerception selecting organizing and interpreting raw sensory data into useful mental representations of the world The Brain USES the data Sensation receiving converting and transmitting information from outside world Data goes TO the brain Energy stimulates a receptor cell in a sense organ oReceptor cell specialized cell that responds to a particular type of energy Auditory sounds etcoReceptor sends a signal along sensory nerves the appropriate area of cerebral cortex oSensory messages enter brain on different channelsSensory thresholdsoAbsolute thresholds minimum intensity of physical energy required to produce any sensation at all Varies from person to person oSensitivity to light sound pressure or other stimuli varies from person to person and even from moment to moment in the same personoAbsolute threshold set at point detectable 50 of the time oEx Taste 1 gram of table salt in 500 liters of water hearing hear a ticking watch from 20 ft awaySensory adaptation adjustment of senses to level of stimulation they are receiving Your senses adjust to surroundings so as not to enable sensory overload Ex Stadium vs libraryDifference threshold AKA just noticeable difference smallest change in stimulation that you can notice 50 of the time SightoRetinalining of eye that contains receptor cells that are sensitive to light Rodsreceptor cells in retina responsible for night vision and perception of brightness Cones receptor cells in retina responsible for color vision Fovea the area of retina that is center of visual field oVisual adaptation sensitivity of rods and cones changes according to how much light is availableoDark adaptation rods and cones become more sensitive to light in response to lowered levels of illumination oLight adaptationrods and cones become less sensitive to light in response to increases levels of illumination Adapts quicker than dark adaptation HearingoSound psychological experience created by brain in repose to changes in air pressure that are received by the auditory system
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