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Exam 2 Notes

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Chapter 4IntroductionoVariableany characteristic of an organism environment or experimental situation that can vary oIndependent variableoDependent variableVariablesoAn abstract concept that allows measurement or manipulation of the concept in a research study oExample Intelligencemeasured by IQ test scoreGPAAccuracy on problem solving task etc Dependent variableoThe behavioral variable designed to measure the effect of the variation of the independent variable oMust select a DV that is sensitive to or able to pick up the influence exerted by the independent variable Direction indicates if the effect of the IV was facilitating or inhibiting orMagnitude Reveals the magnitude of the effectHow much Types of dependent variableoDiscrete vs continuous variables oQuantitative vs qualitative variables Types of dependent variables1Scales of Measurement oNominalA categorical variable for mutual exclusive but not ordered categoriesAttributes are only named weakestoOrdinalOrder matters but not the difference between the variables Attributes can be ordered oIntervalThe difference between two values is meaningful Distance is meaningful oRatioHas all the properties of an interval variable and also has a clear definition of 00 Absolut zero Which of these is incorrectoNominalThe number pinned on a sports personoOrdinalThe first third and fifth person in a raceoIntervalMy level of happiness rated from 110 is ordinalTemperature in degrees Fahrenheit oRatio A persons weight The number of pizzas I can eat before fainting Psychometric Properties of Good Measurement oExperimental reliability Stability consistency or repeatabilityoExperimental validityCorrectness or truthfulness of the inference drawn from research Reliability and Validity of Dependent VariablesoReliabilityconsistency or stabilitythe extent to which the same results are obtained when responses are measured at different times oValiditythe extent to which you are measuring what you intend to measure 2
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