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Social Psychology Exam 2

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2040

Social Psychology Exam 211513Ch 3 cont SelfFulfilling ProphecyThe belief that leads to its own fulfillmentExperimenter biasTeacher expectations and student performance Chapter 4 Behavior and AttitudesHow well do our attitudes predict our behaviorAttitudeoFavorable or unfavorable evaluative reaction toward something or someone Peoples expressed attitudes hardly predicted their varying behaviorsoMoral hypocrisy Appearing moral while avoiding the costs of being so ABCs of attitudes AffectCognitionBehaviorAffectEtc When Attitudes Predict BehavioroWhen social influences on what we say are minimal We say what we think people want to hear Implicit Implicit association testYou judge someones attitude to something based upon the speed at which they respond Quick responsegut reaction ExplicitoWhen other influences on behavior are minimalPrinciple of Aggregation The effects of an attitude become more apparent when we look at a persons aggregate or average behavior All behavior over a certain time period oWhen attitudes specific to behavior are examinedThe theory of planned behavior If you have a specific attitude toward a behavior its a subjective norm and you think you could do it you still have to have a behavior intention for actual behavior to result Mirrors affect decision making oWhen attitudes are potentyou will behave accordinglySelfawareness If you increase self awareness their will become more aware of and vigilant of their own attitudes Forge strong attitudes through experienceWhen does our behavior affect our attitudes Role PlayingoRole A set of norms that defines how people in a given social position ought to behave oPhilip Zimbardos Stanfords prison study Assessed college students at Stanford Guardprisoner roles oAbu Ghraib controversy soldiers in Iraq cruel to prisoners not that the people are bad they are fulfilling their roleoWe sometimes develop attitudes or reasoning to our behaviorWhen saying becomes believingoWhen there is no compelling external explanations for ones words saying becomes believing oIf Im saying it I must feel that way since Im not a liar Foot in the Door PhenomenonoTendency for people who have first agreed to a small request to comply later with a larger requestoLow Ball TechniqueTactic for getting people to agree to something and people that agree to initial request often comply when the requester ups the stakes Often at car dealerships Works because you feel invested since youve already committed22013Evil and Moral ActsoWartime Actions and attitudes feed on each otherWhen evil behavior occurs we tend to justify it as rightoPeacetimeMoral action especially when chosen rather than coerced affects moral thinkingInterracial Behavior and Racial AttitudesoRacial behavior help shape our social consciousnessoBy doing not saying racial attitudes were changedLegislating morality Social movementsoPolitical and social movements may legislate behavior designed to lead to attitude change in a mass scaleoBehavior leads to an attitude changeWhy Does Our Behavior Affect Our Attitudes3 possible explanations Selfpresentation cognitive dissonance self perception SelfPresentation Impression managementoAssumes that people especially those who selfmonitor their behavior hoping to create good impressions will adapt their attitude reports to appear consistent with their actionsoIf our attitudes and behavior do not align the world will call you a hypocrite oReasons To gain social and material rewards to feel better about themselves and to become more secure in our social identitiesSelfJustification Cognitive DissonanceoThe tension that arises when one is simultaneously aware of two inconsistent cognitions oTo reduce this tension we adjust our thinking
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