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Test Two

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2076

InfancyPhysicalDevelopment09242013Humans and animals are eitherPrecocial relatively mature able to care for themselves at birth walk run etcAlcrecial relatively immature and cant take care of themselves until long after birthHumansnewborns are very wellsuited for normal postnatal environments There are a wide variety of reflexes that promote survival Neonatal reflexes promote survivalAll of their senses functionVisionvery nearsightedHearingmuffledSmelltasteprobably better than adults Touchprobably similar to adultsThe Neonatal faceDesigned to be disgustingly cuteAdults are genetically predisposed to like things with big heads and big eyes Doll makers use this tactic Early Motor DevelopmentBirth to 3 monthspreviously innate reflexive behaviors become voluntaryThree month old infants tend to follow sleepwakeeating schedules as their parents ReflexesSurvival reflexesReflexes can bepresent at birth and lifelongpresent atbirth and disappearnot present at birth but appear later with maturationappear with maturation then disappearreflexes are genetically set up that they can help solve problems in the baby one reflex that babies have is crying can be used diagnostically and can occur spontaneously Moro ReflexCAUSES Baby held horizontally body or head swiftly lowered a few inches or a sudden loud noiseREACTION babys arm fling out and come together as hands open then clutchABSENSE OF REFLEX may be a severely disturbed CNS central nervous systemGrasping Palmar Darwinian ReflexCAUSES Pressing a babys palmREACTION fingers will grasp the objectABSENSE OF RELEX may be an injured spinal chord or depressed CNS
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