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PSYC 2078 FINAL STUDY GUIDE (98% on the test)

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PSYC 2078
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PSYC 2078 FINAL STUDY GUIDEHomosexualitytheres no difference in parentingSexual scripta stereotyped pattern of role prescriptions for how individuals should behave sexuallyPassingthe process of hiding ones samesex attractionDiscriminationBiashomophobiahaving irrational negative feelings against individuals who have samesex attractionsOral sexjust as dangerous and prone to STDs increasingly popular among adolescentsContraceptionuse increases when parents discuss with adolescents though they want doctorsschools to cover the topic schools suggest abstinenceAdolescents are far more likely to have conversations about sex with their mothers than with their fathersLawrence Kohlbergs Levels and Stages of Moral Reasoning Level 1 Preconventional Level lowest level with two stages Stage 1 punishment and obedience orientation Stage 2 individualism Instrumental purpose and exchange or whats in it for me Level 2 Conventional Reasoning secondintermediate level with two stages Stage 3 Mutual interpersonal expectations relationships and interpersonal conformity Stage 4 Social systems and morality Level 3 Postconventional Reasoning highest level with two stages Stage 5 Social contract or utility and individual rights Stage 6 Universal ethical principlesJusticea moral perspective that focuses on the individual KohlbergmalesCarea moral perspective that views people in terms of their relationship GilliganfemalesContexts of Morals Development Parents and schoolsLove WithdrawalPower AssertionInductionCocooning occurs when parents protect adolescents from exposure to deviant behavior and thus the temptation to engage in negative moral behaviorThe term Hidden Curriculum coined by John Dewey refers to the pervasive moral atmosphere that characterizes every school Ex uniformsFour approaches to moral education 1Character Education2Values Classification3Cognitive Moral Education4Service LearningContinuity Emphasizes the role that early parentchild relationships play in constructing a basic way to relate to people throughout their life vs Discontinuity Emphasizes change in growth in relationships over time
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