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Chapter 10Peers and FriendsPeerspeople who are about the same age or maturity levelFriendspeople with whom you develop a valued mutual relationshipDuring Adolescence kids start spending more free time away from family with friendsFriends influence and Peer PressurePeer pressure is a misleading termfriend influenceConformitywhen individuals adopt attitudes and behaviors of others because of others because of real or imagined pressure from themConformity is not necessarily negativeRisk behaviormore adolescent friends engage in risky behavior more likely for adolescent to engageSelective associationwe tend to choose friends who are similar to usInfluences against risk behaviorPopularitySociometrystudents are asked to rate other members of their classwho is liked who is notalso discuss reasons for popularity and unpopularitypopular characteristicsphysically attractivehigh intelligencesocial skillsPeer statusesPopularfrequently nominated as a best friend rarely disliked by peersRejectedactively disliked by peersrarely nominated as a best friendnormally boys with aggressionKenneth Dodgerejected kids often misunderstand or misread social informationDodge said there are 5 stepsoDecodingwhat are they sayingoInterpretationwhat do you mean by thatoResponse searchoptions for replyingoSelection of optimal responseoEnactment of responseDodge said rejected kids have problems with interpretation and response search quickerfewer alternativesGet marked by peers as aggressive unpopularGeneral level of hostility towards rejected kid increasesDifficulties later in lifeoTrust issuesoNegative outlook on lifeAggression is reinforcedother kids do what they wantEven with intervention it may take a long time for other kids to come aroundInterventions for rejected kidsoStop calm down and thinkoSay or write down your feelingsoSet a positive goal for outcomeoThink of possible solutions that will lead to the goaloAnticipate the consequencesoChoose the best solution and enact itNeglectedoverlooked infrequently nominated as a best friend but not actively disliked
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