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Exam 3 (got 94% in the course)

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Exam 3Ch7SexualitySexualitysexual beliefs values thoughts feelings relationships behaviorUS and sexSex sells but we dont teach children about contraception or sex educationHollandNot a mandated sex ed but adolescents can go to any state office and be given infoMedia is a lot differentNo decision about condomsyou must use itSwedenTVmore explicitHowever at age 7learn about reproduction1012learn about contraceptionNo sex without a condomProgression of sexualityMasturbationusually the first sexual experiencemalesmost start at 13 by 19 90femalesabout 33 start by 13 6075 by 20necking and petting1925196510 of female HS students 25 of malesAfter 196552 of females 54 of malesEthnic differences in rates of intercourseWhite49 Latino58 African Americans73Oral sexwas after intercourse now flipping seen as less riskyCultural Beliefs and Adolescent SexualityRestrictive culturesstrong prohibitions on adolescent sex before marriagedouble standard on punishmenthonor killingsSemirestrictive culturesprohibitions not strictly enforced ie AmericaPermissive culturesencourage and expect adolescent sexualityGender and the meaning of sexSexual scriptsspecialized schemas dealing with sexualityMale scripttake charge initiate sexual activity males have sex because they are attractedFemale scriptfemales job to say when sexual activity stops main reason they have sex is love or male pressureDifferences in sexual scripts can cause problemsconfusionsMales report their first time is highly enjoyableFemales are afraid upset females dont plan aheadCharacteristics of sexually active adolescentsLow SES minority adolescentsless access to health carebirth controldo not plan to go to collegedeviancesplit off from mainstreamnegative self conceptssingleparent householdsHomosexualityfew role models mediadifficult to do research privacy adolescents need parental permissionmost individuals think that heterosexual behavior and homosexual behavior are distinct patterns than can be easily definedToday it is more acceptable to view sexual orientation as a continuumKinseys 06 scale0heterosexual 6homosexualComing outusually come out at age 14 gay 1516 lesbian3 stagesoSensitizationrealize they are differentoAwarenessdenialguiltoAcceptanceHomophobiafearhatred of homosexualsFaulty beliefs those who molest children are homosexualsExpressed through ridicule beatings even murder more commonly discriminationStigmatizationSelfdevaluationexamplepassing himher avoidanceSuicideon average rates 2035 increase after coming outCauses of homosexualityNo clear answerBiological basisoHormone studiesinconsistentndthCritical period25 months of pregnancy high estrogensattracted to makes whether malefemaleAn increase in estrogens occurs medically or through stressoLeVays brain studiesarea of hypothalamus governing sexual behavior 2x as large in heterosexual menMajority of participants died of AIDSoTwin studies monozygoticidentical 100 dizygoticfraternal 50MZ23 concordance rateDZless than 13 concordance rateSexual orientationcombo of genetic hormonal cognitive and environmental factorsWe dont know how it worksThings that dont cause homosexualityoGaylesbian parentsoDominant motherweak father
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