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PSYC 2078 Test 1 Review (got the best grade in class)

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 2078

Ch 1 IntroductionITermsaCulturecustoms beliefs art and technology of a groupiA common way of life passed down from previous generationsbThe WestUSCanada Western Europe Australia and New ZealandiIndustrialized nations with representative democratic governmentsiiRefers to dominate cultures within these countriescIndustrialized Countriesthe West and East countriespassed through the industrial revolution now based mainly on services and infoiJapan and South KoreadMajority cultureculture that sets most of the norms and holds most of the power iin the US it is the white middle classesocietygroup of people who interact in the course of sharing a common geographical areafmulticulturaleach society can be comprised of several different culturesgtraditional culturebased on stability and changeiusually found in preindustrialized countiesnot always the caseiieach can be as different as nontraditional cultureshdeveloping countriestraditional preindustrialized countries becoming industrializediEX most of South America and Africa Thailand Vietnam etciSocioeconomic status SESsocial classseveral aspectsiEducation leveliiIncome leveliiiOccupational statusIIHistory of Adolescence in Western CultureaAdolescence in Ancient timesiPlatoAristotlelife occurs in stagesiiStages1Infancybirth to age 72Childhood7143Adolescence1421staPlatoadolescencecapacity for reason 1 developedbSerious education shouldnt start until beginning of adolescencestcAristotle1 to think of adolescence arrogance think they know everythingdCurrent issuedifferences in responsibilitybEarly Christian times through the Middle AgesiOne of the most influential books of the Early Christian times was St Augustines autobiographical confessionsiiHard to find views on adolescence during this timeiiiView during the middle ages even harder to find1Childrens crusadeth2Shame and humiliation over 4 crusade31212StephenCloyes France he received a letter from Jesus to go to the Holy Land4NicholasGermany received a message from a cross in the sky5Death on the wayaShip wreckbLanded in EgyptcSold into slaverymurdereddA lot of German children died while crossing the AlpseSuggest people of the Middle Ages saw youth as a time of innocence cAdolescence from 15001890i1500slifecycle serviceththiiFaded in US during the 1819 centuries1More industrializationmigrate to cities2Teens become social problemsdAge of adolescence18901920iSeveral changes that focused attention on adolescents1Enchantment of laws restricting child laboraHorrible working conditionsi12 hr work daysiiNo ventalizationiiiBrownBlack lungs hard to breath bc of small fibers filling their lungs2Law requiring a long period of schoolingaInventionist viewadolescence is a social historical creationbLaws regarding child labor and schooling were a way to keep young people from competing with adults for jobs and keeping them dependant on adults3G Stanly Hallfound study of adolescenceaBegan at 12 or 13 and went until 22 or 25bSturm und Drang German for storm and stressstc1 book on adolescence called AdolescencedRecapitulationeach person reenacts the evolutionary development of the human raceeResearch these days conflict with Halls view though that too is changing4Margaret Meadwrote Coming of Age in Samoa 1950saCultural relativismimportance of social institutionscultural factors in human development
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