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Ch 8Evidence of Validity Based on a Tests Relationships with External Criteria CriterionRelated ValidityWhat is CriterionRelated ValidityoCriterionRelated Validity evidence that test scores correlate withpredict independent behaviors attitudes or eventoCriterion the measure of performance that we expect to correlate with test scores outcomeoValidity Coefficient correlation coefficient obtained when test scores are correlated with a performance criterion representing the amount of strength of the evidence of validity for the testConcurrent ValidityoConcurrent Evidence for Validity test administration and criterion measurement happen at roughly the same timeoStepsAdminister testcriterion measure at same time to same group of peopleCorrelate tests scores with the criterionConcurrent Validity Example SelfReported Alcoholism and CDISoHypothesis 2 measures of SelfReported Alcoholism will predict CDIS scoresoMethod Admin selfreported alcoholismCDIS concurrently to 118 patients in a VA hospitaloResults
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